It’s all working a little differently …

Please read a little bit below about how my bookings are currently being ran as my life is a tad different to the usual tattoo artist at the moment (in the most amazing way haha).

Well, I’ve just had a baby

As some of you, or all of you may know - I've just had a sweet lil cute, mc cute face baby.
His name is Dustyn and he was born on the 2nd of June.

So, I am currently on maternity leave with currently no set date when I will be heading back to work. Although I don’t want to take a crazy amount of time away from tattooing - I do need and want to bond with my baby. So I’m not going to rush back. Think a few months with days tattooing every now and then, before I work out a proper schedule week to week!

I have the option to be placed on a wait list, which you can enquire to via the tabs above under ‘bookings’. I am only taking on appointments based on design preference and focusing on my style that I have grown to create - please be sure to check my instagram for where I am at! Unfortunately there’s no enough time to take on every piece I get asked to tattoo, but I will try my best to suggest alternative artists!

I do have a subscription list where I send out a mass email when I have big updates, so feel free to subscribe at the bottom of the page :)

Well! I would usually open a link on my website every three months to book up the following three months, I will eventually go back to this method but I’ll need to adjust to being a mother and soak up time with my baby and my husband.

My work week was Sunday/Thursday and sometimes I would come in on my days off to tattoo as well!

Basically how bookings worked was that I would have two links available one for previous clients and one for new clients, there was a form (similar to the one on the cancellation list /booking form above) - where it would ask a series of questions, this would allow me to understand your vision and idea. Plus having those questions would also limit the amount of unnecessary back and forth emailing that can occur sometimes when those questions aren’t answered intently. I do rely on a brief (to the point) description - that has specifics as well. For example, when people say “I want flowers”.. I need “I have a love for peonies and roses, would two peonies and a rose work in this sizing?”. If that makes sense? So it has the specifics but also the vulnerability of allowing me as an artist to come in and let you know my professional opinion in regards to it working as a tattoo with your ideal placement and sizing as well - this all is still things I rely on, but just something I wanted to point out.

Anyway! After I would receive your enquiry and my email number would stack up a little bit, it might take me a while to reply 1/2/3 weeks or so. I would ask questions if I had any further queries, offer you a date, give you a quote, ask for a deposit to secure your booking and then I await your reply.

Once we’ve locked in a date or sorted through the remaining questions etc, there is usually a waiting period of a month or more until your appointment arrives - what do you do during this time? Prep your skin! This is super essential and beneficial.
Staying hydrated, exfoliate your skin and moisturising makes a world, an absolute world of a difference when stencilling and tattooing you. The prep prior to getting tattooed will also help your skin heal (I have an aftercare link above), as it will be softer and it would have handled the tattooing process much gentler.



Hi, Hi - well here's all the information you need!
(Plus me talking, because ya'll know I love to type)
If you've received these types of emails before, you would be used the routine, but for the newbies! Welcome! Also I just want to take a moment to tell you how happy it makes me feel that there's people out there that enjoy what I do!

So thank you, thank you!

This round of bookings is super exciting, because CHRISTMAS IS COMINGGGG, which means there is a bit of a break for me over the xmas period - and a change in how deposits work in regards to December and January. 

Now let me finish before you exit the email and hate me forever. 
Dec,Jan,Feb & March are notoriously known for being considered the flakey months. Things come up, summer is around, people forget they're not allowed to swim for min two weeks with a fresh tattie or expose it to the harsh sun.

So as a very itty bitty small business.
To combat this over December and January (November is normal), there will be a higher deposit taken - be mindful, the deposit still comes off the total price, meaning you have to pay less on the date of your appointment, more money for you around Christmas and the summer time. Win win for both of us!

Please continue reading as all the information in this email is important - anything you may be wondering, should be answered on my website OR can be answered once the booking process has commence (this email address is no:reply)

- I have a certain set up for how my bookings open

At the time and date my bookings open, you will be able to enter my website and head to the 'bookings' link, in that spot you will be able to click on to 'new client' or 'previous client'. 

This allows us to categorise my emails in a way that I know works best. 

- I have SO much information on my website regarding information about how I work as an artist, how I quote, my advice as aftercare etc etc. PLEASE go have a look and do a thorough read through as it is all important.

When emailing for your appointment, please keep it brief and to the point as you are more likely to gain a booking this way and it avoids a lot of unneeded back and forth emailing.

Make sure you know what you want!

A non-refundable $150 deposit is required to secure an appointment once you are offered a date. The $100 comes off the total price and the $50 is used as a drawing fee, that does not come off the total price. 

December and January will require a $150 deposit, not including the additional drawing fee. (November runs normally - see above)



You have priority booking period. 

I love doing smaller pieces but the larger the piece, the more freedom, the more I can grow individually as an artist. Things I'll be mostly interested in are large free flow florals, birds with flowers, full panel pieces i.e: full forearm, outer bicep, calf pieces, back pieces/half back pieces, pieces that compliment the body shape, large front thigh/side of thigh etc

Not saying you have to have a large idea to email,
just something I'd love to do as well!

I will definitely be accepting small pieces, these will be booked around medium/large pieces as thats what will work best for this booking period :)

My minimum and maximum prices are written on my website. 
*Please be aware that at the beginning of September, my day rate has changed.

- - - If you send an enquiry and I come to the conclusion that I am not the artist for you, I will try our hardest to recommend someone more suited to your needs - - - 



Inspiration for larger pieces (by incredible artists)

Looking so forward to talking to you, GET INSPIRED. I'M INSPIRED!!