Appointments are only taken for SUN-THURS
- Emily bookings open every few months for the following months, 
That way potential clients can enquire is through a tab that becomes available, you can either select 'new client' or 'previous client'. Emily does all of the work herself so once she views and possibly accept your idea, she offers a date, a quote and send through information to receive a deposit. A booking is not secured without this. The deposit is detracted off the total price, is non refundable and non transferrable between dates.

Emily takes EVERY enquiry seriously, so would appreciate no window shoppers.
This means people emailing merely to find out a quote.
Average prices written on below website to help with this !

Emily cannot provide you a specific quote outside of the booking process.

Her minimum fee is $180 and my day rate is $1200,
if a piece were to go over the standard full day (being 6 hours),
an additional $150 per hour after will be changed.

GST is included in my pricing.


Sending your design before your appointment is a risk for Emily to take,
so having respect that she usually does withheld the drawing until your appointment is greatly appreciated.

Drawing the morning of a clients booking, allows her to focus solely on that person’s requests. It is rare that she would send a picture before hand, but if she did - it would be the day before or morning of, unless a piece takes more prep (for example: a back piece)


If you don't like what Emily has drawn or there's something you would like changed,
She can make minimal adjustments at my discretion and perfect it. 
- It is easy to do this on the day.

If Emily has to re-draw more than half the piece or major amendments to the idea have changed, there will be an additional drawing fee and the appointment might have to be rescheduled,  (to avoid redrawing she relies on specifics during the booking process to what what the client is after (i.e if they want something angled a specific way, or a specific flower etc). 

The specifics that will narrow it down would be when enquiring. 
As much as absolutely adore reading 'I love what you do, tattoo whatever on me', 
Emily does need your personal ideas to further the booking process and to make sure she doesn't draw up a skeleton for instance if you're actually really wanting a daisy.

For example there is a difference between wanting 'flowers' and wanting 'A rose and a rose bud'. However Emily can go off just wanting flowers, but know it will change the outcome of the design you get, which can cause the re-draw and the risk of the additional fee or reschedule..


- IF you change your idea, that is completely okay. 
- Be aware that this may result in a rescheduled booking or loss of an appointment.
- All bookings are organised based on estimated consult/stencil/tattoo time. 

- You arrive at the studio (address will be supplied after deposit is received)
- Please organise the transportation prior to the day of appointment, to avoid being late.
- Emily shows you the design when you arrive at the studio
  and make any mild changes if need be.
- We figure out the size (if size changes too much it will effect the price). 
- You then need to fill out a consent form (Must be 18yrs +) and Emily goes to make a stencil up. 
- Emily then shave the area and prep the skin. 
- Emily will then apply the stencil and you both check out if it's straight/correct size/in the right spot/works with your body shape etc. 
- If you would like it to be in an alternative spot, Emily can wipe it off and try again
  (as many times as your skin allows us to).
- After both of you are happy with the placement, you wait about 5-10 mins or so for the stencil to dry whilst Emily finishes setting up. 
- You then sit/lay down to get ready to be tattooed. 
- All of Emily’s set up is disposable except for the machine itself and grip. 
Emily keeps her brand new needles in their packets and open them up just before she begin to tattoo, in front of you so it is clear that they are new.
- Before getting tattooed make sure you have eaten before hand, (Emily will ask you this when you're filling out the form). Also it's good if you have sugary sweets or a fizzy drink with you, plus any snacks as snacks are amazing and always needed. 
- When Emily begins to tattoo, She will do a small line first or begin with a couple of dots to see how you go (even if you've been tattooed before). 
- When you're getting tattooed, remember to breathe. It sounds silly but it's something that is so helpful when you focus on taking steady breaths.
- Also remember to stay still, if you move.. Emily moves (Although she will do my best not to).
- If you're feeling faint or need to get some air, Emily has no trouble at all letting you take some time out (so speak up!).
- More than likely, you’ll be fine and the process can keep going, you both have breaks every now and then usually after the outline is done and any toilet breaks when needed!
- If the pain becomes too much and you can only sit through the outline, another appointment will be organised in person to finish it off.


- Payment is preferred in cash, please organise this prior to your appointment.
- Emily will let you know how to heal your tattoo with a take home aftercare sheet. 
(You can find that in the aftercare link above as well)

If you take any photos of your tattoo prior or post healing, send them through! 
Natural lighting and non-distracting background is best, or any selfie would be amazing! 

There is an aftercare link on my website, have a look! 
There is so much written in that little tab :) 

- If your tattoo needs touching up - something healed lighter etc.
Emily does the first touch up for free but ask for a photo of the piece to clarify what needs to be done. HOWEVER, this expires after 8 months.
- The charge for a touch up is minimal and that will be provided via email, if need be. 
- Let me know asap, Emily will not touch the tattoo before the estimated 2 weeks of healing.
-  Please understand that Emily will try to fit you in asap,
but know that it will usually either be before her full day of tattooing or after.
- Touch ups do take time, as much as people say "it won't take long", "it'll be so fast". 


If you both have discussed an add on or adding dots to an outline piece (that you have decided to leave as just outline during that appointment) - there would be additional payment for this, this is at my discretion only if this were to change.

If you’re planning to extend a previous piece that had no plan to be extended originally, please be aware that sometimes it may not work artistically.

If there is any information you're curious on, don't hesitate in contacting me so I can make this page as informative as possible!