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maternity leave & after

Hello hello, please read the entirety of this to ensure you don’t miss any valuable information and to avoid any confusion, BUT if you are still confused - don’t hesitate to contact me (in the contact link above).

Basically your enquiry will go to an email address that I will access when I feel like I am ready to do a tattoo, obviously there will be a lot of vulnerability when I first head back to work as I will be completely new to being a mum.

I will have to balance everything that comes with being a parent, so appointment times will vary if the baby is in the studio at that time or if he isn’t! Due to things such as feeding/pumping/changing/settling etc etc

To be fully transparent, I don’t really know what my work flow will be like and it’ll take me a while to get back into a rhythm. So large tattoos will most likely be done in multiple sessions, but when booking these in - I will be able to be vocal with the possibility of this.

I’m planning on only tattooing small/medium pieces to begin with and would prefer to take on previous clients at the beginning of my transition back to work. All clients will need to be incredibly flexible and understanding.

I will most likely be a little bit more particular about what I take on but I will be trying to respond to all clients and sending a confirmation if you are successfully popped on the wait list. Due to not being able to predict when I will be returning to work (3-6 months is the hope), please be aware of this before sending through an enquiry.

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EXAMPLE: If you're wanting particular types of florals, please be specific - typing 'florals or 'native florals' as the base idea is great but if you have a preference as well include them in your enquiry. (This is a blanket statement)
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If I have tattooed you before, does your previous piece need a touch up? *
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Whilst your preferences may not be available, I will try my best!
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Once a booking officially is organised - Deposits & Drawing fee conditions *
$100 non refundable deposit is to be placed once I have offered an appointment, this amount does come off the total amount - A $50 drawing fee is also needed to secure this appointment ($150 all up), the drawing fee is not deducted off the total price of the tattoo **Pending on the size of the tattoo the deposit amount may vary.